Govett-Brewster Collection

Colin McCahon

Necessary Protection No.3, 1971

What kind of man drinks whisky? Part (1)

Stuart Page

What kind of man drinks whisky? Part (1), 1982

Chris Booth

Moruroa Proverb (working drawing for sculpture installation), 1985

Untitled (Sea, rocks and hill)

Nugent Welch

Untitled (Sea, rocks and hill),

Large mathematical painting

Tom Kreisler

Large mathematical painting, 1968

Michael Smither

Bill Smither, 1974

Ans Westra

Te Rere a Kapuni, Mt Taranaki, 1965

Egg geneology

Kate Coolahan

Egg geneology, 1976

So spoke Christ

Rudi Gopas

So spoke Christ, 1978


Shane Cotton

Untitled, 1994

Stephen Clarke

Bowman 4, 1980

Kirsty's broken arm

John McLean

Kirsty's broken arm, 1975

Longing for the other (double bed)

Yuk King Tan

Longing for the other (double bed), 1996

Milestone III

Mary-Louise Browne

Milestone III, 1989

Pauline Rhodes

Extensum/Extensors, 1983