Govett-Brewster Collection

A penny for a song

Rudi Gopas

A penny for a song, 1976

Painting No.9

Don Peebles

Painting No.9, 1969


Michael Smither


Totem 1

Michael Smither

Totem 1, 1972

Self-portrait with rooster

Peter Peryer

Self-portrait with rooster, 1977

In memorium

Michael Smither

In memorium, 1973

Lattice no.55

Ian Scott

Lattice no.55, 1978-1979

Colin McCahon

Necessary Protection No.2, 1971

Digital Marae: Dandy

Lisa Reihana

Digital Marae: Dandy, 2007

Untitled (Landscape with house and trees

Dorothy Richmond

Untitled (Landscape with house and trees), 1909

That louse Delacroix

Rudi Gopas

That louse Delacroix, 1976


John Lethbridge

Untitled, 1975

Don Peebles

Painting with relief element no.6, 1962

Blind Maori

Tony Fomison

Blind Maori, Unknown


Hiroyuki Matsukage

Star, 2000