Govett-Brewster Collection

Working drawing for 'Gaia', no.1

James Ross

Working drawing for 'Gaia', no.1, 1984

Painting No.9

Don Peebles

Painting No.9, 1969

Kūaha Doorway

Barry Brickell

Kūaha Doorway, 1981

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.14

Gordon Crook

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.14, 1979

Female nude III

Janet Bayly

Female nude III, 1980

Taranaki (last light from Upper Parihaka

Laurence Aberhart

Taranaki (last light from Upper Parihaka Road), 11 July 1991, 1991

Spending Time

Joe Sheehan

Spending Time, 2006

Michael Smither

Diary of a summer mountain II, 1972

Tracey's world (Parts I and II)

Terry Urbahn

Tracey's world (Parts I and II), 1995

Taranaki 1

Michael Smither

Taranaki 1,

Galaxy, Galaxy, Galaxy

Bill Culbert

Galaxy, Galaxy, Galaxy, 2010

Mount Egmont with observatory

Dorothy Richmond

Mount Egmont with observatory, 1925

Fijian scene

C.G. Weeks

Fijian scene,


Sumacq carpet,

Manaia Taranaki, 12 July 1991

Laurence Aberhart

Manaia Taranaki, 12 July 1991, 1991