Govett-Brewster Collection

Example of True Stratification # 3

Dane Mitchell

Example of True Stratification # 3, 2004

Christine Hellyar

Gummed-up teeth, twigs and cuttlefish for cutting and combing hair, 1982

How far is it to Golgotha?

Jeffrey Harris

How far is it to Golgotha?, 1980

Kuratorial Protocols

Michael Stevenson

Kuratorial Protocols, 1996

Taranaki, Wanganui, 12 May 2008/ 2008/ 1

Laurence Aberhart

Taranaki, Wanganui, 12 May 2008/ 2008/ 1, 2008

Giovanni Intra

Needle in Glove, 1993


Barnard McIntyre

Untitled, 1991

Untitled (Echelon - Waihopai / HO scale)

Brendon Wilkinson

Untitled (Echelon - Waihopai / HO scale), 2001

Darcy Lange

Five Working Studies in British Factories and Workplaces, UK, Unknown


L. Budd

Blind, 1996

Louise Lewis

Mrs Nice, 1975


Gigi Scaria

Highlight, 2009

Black crawlers

Richard Killeen

Black crawlers, 1978

Blind Maori

Tony Fomison

Blind Maori, Unknown

Untitled (The wave)

Phil Hocking

Untitled (The wave), 1970