Govett-Brewster Collection

Cat drinking milk

Michael Smither

Cat drinking milk,

Michael Smither

Morning squall II, 1974

Jacqueline Fraser

The raising of the noxious - Ko te tataromoa kei runga (the bush lawyer above): and the slight voice with the clear ring will call the sleeping from their endless mire, 1998

Example of Mnemonic Structure #3

Dane Mitchell

Example of Mnemonic Structure #3, 2004


Michael Smither

Untitled, 1978

There's no place like home

Ani O'Neill

There's no place like home, 1998

Study of Three Birmingham Schools, UK

Darcy Lange

Study of Three Birmingham Schools, UK, 1976

Molly Canaday

Emerging shapes, Circa 1964

Lake Mahinerangi

Marilynn Webb

Lake Mahinerangi, 1979


John Lethbridge

Untitled, 1975

Michael Smither

Trawling (without cloud),

First Coat

Tom Kreisler

First Coat, 1969

Untitled (Landscape with trees)

Dorothy Richmond

Untitled (Landscape with trees), 1909

The Mountain Taranaki

Darcy Nicholas

The Mountain Taranaki, 1988

In memorium

Michael Smither

In memorium, 1973