Govett-Brewster Collection

Concrete poem

Tom Kreisler

Concrete poem, 1977

Funny face

Paul Hartigan

Funny face, 1979

Der Tiefenglanz II (Kopf)

Karl Fritsch, Gavin Hipkins

Der Tiefenglanz II (Kopf), 2012

Drawings #20 and 21

Terry Urbahn

Drawings #20 and 21, 1992

Painting H

Gordon Walters

Painting H, 1975

Michael Smither

Sarah with gloves, 1968

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.14

Gordon Crook

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.14, 1979

Untitled (Landscape with trees, boys and

Dorothy Richmond

Untitled (Landscape with trees, boys and cows), 1905

Grey Sky

Michael Smither

Grey Sky, 1975

Christine Hellyar

A strung husk harp and a rattle with seed pods, 1982

Darcy Lange

Clem Coxhead; study of cow milking in Opunake, Taranaki, 1974

Ans Westra

Te Rere a Kapuni, Mt Taranaki, 1965

Neon accumulation

Billy Apple

Neon accumulation, 1968

Hrusov (selling pots)

Frieda Salvendy

Hrusov (selling pots), 1937

Flush Arena (with Time Keeper)

Paul Hartigan

Flush Arena (with Time Keeper), 1987