Govett-Brewster Collection

Hail Mary

Colin McCahon

Hail Mary, 1948

Horus series VII

Mervyn Williams

Horus series VII, 1980


Michael Smither

Entombment, 1960

Female nude III

Janet Bayly

Female nude III, 1980

Taranaki 1

Michael Smither

Taranaki 1, 1971

Circumstantial Evidence

Greer Twiss

Circumstantial Evidence, 1986

Squall 1

Michael Smither

Squall 1,

The gossips

Agnes Cohen

The gossips,

Rudi Gopas

Cash-Dollar-Cash, 1976


Fiona Pardington

Bachelor, 1993

Darcy Lange

Work studies in a Spanish village, Cantavieja, Maestrazgo, Castellon., 1974

Maria Olsen

Threshold, Unknown

Untitled (Wave breaking over rock)

Michael Smither

Untitled (Wave breaking over rock), 1976

For the true anatomy - Demented chook

Barry Cleavin

For the true anatomy - Demented chook, 1979

Toss Woollaston

Rock Cyclamen, Unknown