Govett-Brewster Collection

Disciple of the Pearl

Rohan Wealleans

Disciple of the Pearl, 2006

1 kilo equals 1 pound

Tom Kreisler

1 kilo equals 1 pound,

The coil

Gavin Hipkins

The coil, 1998

Darcy Lange

Work studies in a Spanish village, Cantavieja, Maestrazgo, Castellon., 1974

Michael Smither

Diary of a summer mountain III, 1972

Untitled (Landscape with trees)

Dorothy Richmond

Untitled (Landscape with trees), 1909

Dear moon

Rudi Gopas

Dear moon, 1976

Five sights

Andrew Drummond

Five sights, 1987


L. Budd

Pleasure, 1996

Michael Smither

Diary of a summer mountain II, 1972


Hany Armanious

Selflok, 1993-2001

Geraldine at home

Fiona Clark

Geraldine at home, 1975

Digital Marae: Maui

Lisa Reihana

Digital Marae: Maui, 2007


Michael Smither

Untitled, 1977

River Proverb (preliminary drawing for s

Chris Booth

River Proverb (preliminary drawing for sculpture installation), 1985