Govett-Brewster Collection


Gigi Scaria

Wheel, 2009

Hewa, Study of a Maori Tree-feller at Wa

Darcy Lange

Hewa, Study of a Maori Tree-feller at Waitaanga, King Country, 1974

Pasadena box series no.8

Sam Francis

Pasadena box series no.8,

Sister Corita Kent

E eye love, 1968

Cauldron of Faith

Max Gimblett

Cauldron of Faith, 2004-2006


Caucasian carpet,

Going for broke

Neil Dawson

Going for broke, 1986

Untitled (Landscape with two haystacks a

Constance Weyergang

Untitled (Landscape with two haystacks and rolling hills),

White delight

Robert McLeod

White delight, 1976

Painted Plank 17

Ian McMillan

Painted Plank 17, 1984

Deity and Landscape with Portraits

Michael Illingworth

Deity and Landscape with Portraits, 1967

Digital Marae: Maui

Lisa Reihana

Digital Marae: Maui, 2007


Chinese tapestry,

Mountain and Back Beach

Michael Smither

Mountain and Back Beach, 1981

Rodney Fumpston

Sky - marble arch 6, 1975